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For those who want a little more clarity on exactly how our concrete pumps work and how they can benefit your project, on this page we’ll explore some concrete pump technical information to give you further clarity.

Concrete Pumps FAQs

What is the purpose of a concrete pump?

Concrete pumps are a way of improving accessibility on your site by overcoming obstacles and pumping the concrete mix from the mixer to the pour site. Depending on the type of concrete pump you choose, these pumps can transfer it over tall structures or along the ground.

How do concrete pumps work?

Here at Sussex Ready Mix Concrete, we provide two different types of concrete pump. They both work in a similar manner.

First, the concrete is mixed in the mixing vehicle. Then it will be piped to the hopper on the back of the truck, and both the mixer and hopper will continually rotate to prevent solidification.

Hydraulic cylinders will pump the mixture along the boom or ground line, working in partnership with each other to channel the mixture to where it needs to be.

For more information, including dimensions, pertaining to our available concrete pumps, then please just get in touch with our team.

What type of concrete pump do I need?

The issues you need to overcome will depend on the type of pump you should choose.

Concrete boom pumps are useful if you need to overcome tall structures such as houses, trees or walls. This means you can park the mixer vehicle at the front of the property while easily pumping concrete to the back, using the remote-controlled arm to pump over the structures.

Concrete ground line pumps are useful if the pour site is a long or unreachable distance away, and many ground line pumps can extend up to 80 metres. They run along the ground and can bend around corners and thread through obstacles, making them the perfect solution to overcome vehicle accessibility issues.

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