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Concrete Admixtures

Boost the performance of your concrete with admixtures from Sussex Ready Mix Concrete.

Looking for bespoke concrete for your project? Our team creates mixes tailored to your project, whether that’s a simple home task or a big commercial undertaking.

As part of this customisation, we can include a range of admixtures for concrete to enhance and introduce desired properties. This way, you get peak performance, strength and versatility from your concrete depending on the demands of the task at hand.

Types of Concrete Admixtures

As the leading supplier of high-quality concrete mixes for Sussex, you can trust in our team to get the right mix for your needs.
Here are just a few types of concrete admixtures for you to consider:

  • Water-reducing: Decreases your water-to-cement ratio, which comes with multiple benefits for strength and sustainability.
  • Accelerators: Speeds up the time it takes for the concrete to initially set, making it great for projects with a quick turnaround.
  • Retardants: Slows the initial concrete setting time. This is useful in high-temperature situations where an overly quick setting time will impact quality and structure of the concrete.
  • Shrinkage control: Reduces concrete shrinkage during the drying stage.
  • Air entrainment: Boosts the concrete’s ability to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles.

Want to know more? Ask our friendly team about ready mix concrete admixtures today. We’re always happy to give friendly advice to home and business owners across Haywards Heath, Brighton, Worthing and beyond,

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