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Your Guide To Floor Screed For Underfloor Heating
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Your Guide To Floor Screed For Underfloor Heating

Floor screed and underfloor heating systems go hand in hand to create a comfortable, warm and aesthetically pleasing home. 

But if you’re a little uncertain about what underfloor heating is, how it works, and how floor screed can enhance its benefits, then read on. 

In this handy guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about floor screed and underfloor heating – and how they need to work in partnership to get the best results. 

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a method of heating your home, and works by embedding pipes or wires within a screed floor on top of a sub-floor layer, such as concrete. 

You can use underfloor heating to replace your radiator system, or you can simply use it to add an extra touch of warmth to the colder rooms in your house. 

There are two methods of underfloor heating: 

  • Electric wires which are connected to your heating mains supply
  • Warm water pipes which pump water that is heated by your home’s heating source 

The layout of these pipes or wires works in tandem with the screed to distribute the heat across the floor in a uniform manner, ensuring that every part of the space is heated equally. 

Underfloor Heating Concrete Screed

Why is underfloor heating beneficial?

Underfloor heating is most useful for the winter months when walking on cold floors of bathrooms and kitchens is uncomfortable, giving you an even distribution of heat across the whole room. 

The other benefits of underfloor heating include: 

  • Increased comfort
  • Safety (no hot radiators)
  • Even distribution of heat 
  • Increase in home value 
  • Low maintenance and long lasting 
  • Excellent warranties and guarantees 

An essential aspect of underfloor heating is the floor component – so let’s explore how floor screed is a vital part of underfloor heating’s success. 

What is floor screed? 

Screed is a thin top-layer of non-structural material, consisting of sand and cement, which is laid atop a concrete sub-floor. If underfloor heating pipes or wires are installed, they will usually be laid in between these two layers, sometimes with the addition of membranes or insulation panels. 

Floor screed is primarily used for aesthetic purposes, providing a smooth finish for more decorative layers to be laid on top. However, screed also works well as an attractive finish on its own. 

Screed is often used to enhance the effects of underfloor heating, and is a key component of the system. 

What are the benefits of floor screed for underfloor heating? 

Underfloor heating and screed are a valuable pairing, with heating pipes and wires embedded within the screed itself. Screed acts as a useful thermal insulator, ensuring the uniform distribution of heat across the space and boosting the overall thermal efficiency of the underfloor heating system. 

What is the best screed for underfloor heating? 

There are two different screed types which can be used with underfloor heating: 

  • Semi-dry: A hand-trowelled screed which is more useful for smaller surface areas 
  • Liquid: A flowing screed which is quick to apply and dry, making it ideal for larger areas that need maximum coverage in a faster time frame 

Underfloor heating requires that the screed used is high quality, has adequate time to dry, and is laid to the correct thickness to ensure maximum performance. Consult with your underfloor heating and screed suppliers to establish the best thickness, screed type and floor design for your aims. 

How to lay screed over underfloor heating 

When laying screed, you need the services of a professional such as Sussex Ready Mix Concrete, who are well-practised at laying screed as part of underfloor heating systems – ensuring a top-quality finish every time. Our experts can also advise on the best type of screed for your underfloor heating project, too. 

Searching for high-quality floor screed in Sussex and beyond? Here at Sussex Ready Mix Concrete, we provide affordable rates and outstanding customer service – and you’ll only pay for the concrete you actually use. Get in touch to discover more about our services, including the laying of concrete and screed floors.

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