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How Concrete Pumps Make for Quicker and More Effective Pouring
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How Concrete Pumps Make for Quicker and More Effective Pouring

Concrete pumps are used worldwide in construction projects of varying types and sizes, providing increased efficiency over the more traditional methods of transporting concrete, such as wheelbarrows.

But what makes concrete pumps the better option, and how do they work? In this article, the team at Sussex Ready Mixed Concrete are going to look at how concrete pumps work and what they bring to a construction project.

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How do concrete pumps work?

The primary function of a concrete pump is to transport wet mixed concrete from a mixing truck to a designated location on a construction site. The mixed concrete is moved into a hopper, and from there it is moved into the pump’s cylinders. Between moving the concrete from the hopper to the pumps, it is kept moving to preserve the viscosity of the mix.

The cylinders work in tandem; one pushes the concrete forward into the pipeline while the other moves concrete from the hopper to the pump.

Do I need a concrete pump?

Concrete pumping transports mixed concrete to a precise location of a site. This is much, much quicker than repeated trips with wheelbarrows, and it also saves on labour, meaning that people’s efforts can be focused on other tasks while the concrete is pumped. Pumps can also be used in any weather, so there’s no need to worry about your project grinding to a halt because of heavy rain.

The types of concrete pumps

Ground line pump: These are placed along the ground, allowing concrete to be pumped quickly from the mixer. The pumps are narrow, allowing them to be routed through places that the mixing trucks cannot pass, such as alleyways and the gaps between houses. This means that the truck can park on the drive of a property, for example, and the pump can be fed through to the back of the house, if necessary.

Boom pump: While they serve the same purpose as a ground line pump, boom pumps are designed for sites with very awkward access. These pumps can reach up and over buildings, making them perfect for pumping concrete into higher floors of high-rise buildings, for example, or for reaching over rows of terraced houses to deliver concrete to a garden.

Both types of pump are swift, efficient and tidy – there’s no spillage risk from the pumps, unlike wheelbarrows or other methods of transportation.

Concrete pumps provide a fast, clean way to transport concrete from truck to specific location. For all construction projects, time is of the essence, and using a concrete pump allows you to save time without compromising on the quality of work. Furthermore, with a concrete pump, you needn’t worry about access issues hampering your project – there’s a pump for every site.

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