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What Kind of Concrete is Right for My Project?
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What Kind of Concrete is Right for My Project?

Planning a construction project can be a stressful endeavour, with major and minor details needing to be calculated meticulously in order for the project to run smoothly.

Where concrete is involved, it’s crucial that we know which concrete type is right for the task at hand – the wrong choice can be majorly inconvenient at best, and completely derail the project at worst. In this article, Sussex Ready Mixed Concrete are going to help you decide which concrete is right for your construction project.

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Why do I need concrete?

Underfloor heating

Concrete is needed when installing underfloor heating as it helps to spread the heat out over a surface. Without the concrete – screed, in this instance – the heat would be localised in spots, which negates the main benefit of underfloor heating.

Floor screed

Floor screed acts as a base layer for the final flooring finish such as tiling or laminate. It is also used as the finish itself in industrial environments or for spaces that want a faux-industrial aesthetic.

Basement foundations

Concrete foundations are crucial in securing a structure, and it’s important that high quality concrete is used for such a big project.

Concrete housing

Thanks to their energy efficiency and fire-resistant properties, concrete houses are increasing in popularity. Concrete housing is built with specially-designed mixes.

Shed bases

Crucial for the stability of a shed as well as the prevention of damp and rot affecting the shed itself.


Concrete works as a base layer for decorative driveway surfaces or as the surface itself, as well as providing a sturdy foundation to support the weight of vehicles.


Used for landscaping work as well as foundational strength, garden concrete is available in a range of mixes.

Building foundations

Available in any quantity and grade, concrete for building foundations is vital for the long-term stability and safety of a building.


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How much concrete do I need for my project?

The amount of concrete you need for your project depends on the type of project you’re undertaking and the type of concrete you’re planning to use.

If you need concrete for your project, give our team a call on 0800 030 9123.

On-site mixed concrete

On-site mixed concrete is the perfect choice for projects where you know you need a lot of concrete, but you’re not sure exactly how much you need. As the concrete is mixed on-site, the mix can be altered on the go, so if you discover you have underestimated or overestimated, the volume can be increased or decreased as necessary.

Volumetric concrete

Using volumetric concrete is preferable if you know how much concrete you need for your project. When you have calculated the precise amount required, you can inform the concrete supplier and they will be able to create the exact quantity required before delivering it to your site.

Concrete pumps

Concrete pumping is highly recommended for projects where large quantities of concrete are being used. The pumps are able to transport large volumes of concrete quickly, cleanly and safely, cutting down on labour and the costs associated with it, as well as increasing the efficiency of a project. Pumps are also able to reach tricky areas; boom pumps, for example, can reach the higher floors of apartment blocks, and ground pumps can snake through alleys that would be difficult to traverse with a wheelbarrow.

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