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When should you lay concrete?
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When should you lay concrete?

You’re about to lay your concrete. But you’re wondering, when’s the best time to do this? 

For optimal concrete pouring conditions, mild weather is always best, which means not too hot, too cold or too rainy. However, for those of us living in the UK, it’s rarely possible to get the ‘perfect day’ for pouring. 

To help you navigate the ups and downs of British weather, we’ve put this article together to advise you on the ideal times of year to pour your concrete for the best results. 

What is the best month to pour concrete? 

Spring and early autumn are the times when mild conditions are more likely. 

For early autumn, the logical month to choose is September. For spring, pick May as it avoids the cold of March and the showers in April. 

Of course, if your needs are more pressing then you might not have the luxury of choice. If conditions are less than favourable, consult with your preferred concrete company who can advise on how to protect the quality of your concrete in less than ideal weather using blankets, covers and other techniques. 

When should you not pour concrete? 

  • When it’s too cold: You should never pour concrete if the ground is icy or snowy, or if temperatures are below 3 – 5 °C. That’s because the surface will be too cold and might potentially freeze the concrete, negatively affecting its quality. 
  • When it’s too hot: Hot weather can cause fast evaporation and could potentially lead to concrete cracking. It can also accelerate the concrete solidification process, leading to a weaker final result. 
  • When it’s too rainy: You should avoid laying concrete in the rain. That’s because rainfall can dilute the concrete mix, disturbing the ratio and weakening the final product. If you’re laying concrete during a bout of rainy weather, utilise tarpaulins and covers to protect the mix until it sets.

Can I lay concrete in winter? 

You can lay concrete in winter as long as: 

  • The air temperature is 5 °C or more 
  • There is no snow or ice 
  • There is no heavy rainfall 

These days, we get milder winters compared to the past, and so pouring concrete in winter may not always be entirely out of the question. It just depends on the specific conditions encountered. 

So, when should I start concrete laying? 

In summary, lots of factors will affect when you can start laying concrete, such as your project schedule, the weather conditions, the time of year, and the availability of your chosen concrete supplier

However, if you want a higher chance of kinder conditions, opt for September or May. And if you can’t get the dates you want, just make sure you have the materials ready to protect your concrete with help from a professional. 

Looking for a flexible, easy concrete laying service in Sussex? Get in touch with Sussex Ready Mix Concrete today. As the region’s leading concrete experts, we operate an only-pay-for-what-you-use service, making us both affordable and convenient. We have concrete mixes to suit a range of different applications, so get in touch today. 

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