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Which type of concrete pump do I need – boom pump or line pump?
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Which type of concrete pump do I need – boom pump or line pump?

Does your DIY or construction project have tricky access issues to overcome? A concrete pump is often the answer. These machines flexibly pump your concrete around, over and even under obstacles on site to ensure that the concrete gets from the vehicle to its destination with no trouble. 

But there are two different concrete pumps commonly available – boom pumps and line pumps. To help you work out which you need, in this article we’ll describe them and outline which type of pump is best for which type of project. 

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What are concrete boom pumps?

A concrete boom pump consists of a large hydraulic arm which is able to reach over obstacles such as trees, fences and even some buildings. This arm then rapidly pumps the concrete from the truck and to its intended location. 

What are concrete boom pumps used for?

Concrete boom pumps are the perfect piece of equipment for accurately and speedily pumping concrete around a site. Thanks to their height, they are also suited for overcoming structures that are getting in the way of smooth transportation of concrete across the site by traditional means, for example, at dynamic construction sites. 

Due to their operation and ability to overcome taller structures, boom pumps are best suited for larger commercial applications and projects where large volumes of concrete need to be pumped quickly, and also pumped around multiple hindrances that are often present at bustling construction zones. 

What are concrete line pumps?

A concrete line pump uses flexible hoses that run close to the ground to transport the concrete mixture from the vehicle and over to the pouring site. 

What are concrete line pumps used for?

The agility of these hoses make line pumps ideal for narrow spaces, such as alleyways, or other areas that are tight or challenged by access issues. 

Line pumps are also the perfect choice when a vehicle cannot get close enough to the site, and instead has to pull up further away. Compact and agile, ground pumps are most commonly used for domestic projects or smaller commercial projects where tighter spaces or difficulty of access generally pose a bigger issue. 

How do I get a concrete pump?

By now, you’ll understand the convenience and benefits that a concrete pump brings to a project. To hire a pump for your site, save yourself hassle by using an all-in-one company that can both mix the concrete to your exact specifications, and also provide the necessary ground line and boom pumps to transport the concrete smoothly from A to B around your site. 

Sussex Ready Mix Concrete can provide this comprehensive service and can be your trusted partner for any type of project, both domestic and commercial.  

Here at Sussex Ready Mix Concrete, we’re a leading provider of bespoke concrete mixes along with top-of-the-range pumping equipment, including boom and line pumps. As a family-run business, we’re committed to providing only the very best service at the most competitive prices. Simply get in touch to book your pump – we serve locations across Sussex, including Haywards Heath, Worthing, Brighton and beyond

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